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Photo of house. Gale Gallager, REPA certified by NAR, handles online transaction coordination, document management: Coordinator Pro is a Realtor's right hand.

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What can Coordinator Pro do to make my transactions sing?

Every detail of your transaction's documents, communications, and scheduling is preserved in an online password-protected file, and all invited parties (with selective permissions) have access to the transaction 24/7. Our follow-through and attention to detail give you more time to list and sell property.

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Certifications, skill, reputation, a good work ethic, and community service make a difference. So does having a diverse business background.

Our initial business, started in 1993, provided secretarial services to small businesses. This evolved to also meet the needs of local government, university students, the medical community, real estate services, attorneys, insurance companies, and individuals.

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Looking for a Transaction Coordinator with a strong real estate background? If you want to spend more time with your buyers and sellers, produce more satisfied clients, improve your referral rate, and increase your sales, stop! Coordinator Pro has the answers.

Certified in SettlementRoomTM

Are you a real estate professional who must have full document compliance, yet you struggle under reams of paperwork? Or do you need carefully monitored transactions while you're in the field concentrating on your clients? Gale Gallagher, owner of Coordinator Pro, is certified in SettlementRoom online transaction management platform, and is experienced in several other powerful transaction management platforms. And she's known for her reliability and effectiveness in transaction management.

Professional management of transactions from listing to closing

If you need a permanent and comprehensive record and audit trail of all documents and actions taken throughout the closing process, Coordinator Pro can help. We offer online transaction management to:

  • Individual real estate agents
  • Agent teams
  • Offices and brokers
Your real estate documents are organized and kept safe with Coordinator Pro. Let us be your virtual back office. Our only goal is your complete success in online transaction coordination and document management.

Security and confidentiality

Ready to hire a trustworthy online transaction coordinator who will make you look good to everyone involved in each real estate transaction? All data is backed up daily and stored off-site, and there are multiple backup connections to the Internet. Let Coordinator Pro be your virtual back office. We'll bring order to your chaos and add hours to your day! Call us today at 903-526-0105 or fill out our Contact Form.

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A Virtual Assistant (VA), like Gale Gallagher, is an independent entrepreneur providing administrative, creative and/or technical services. Utilizing advanced technological modes of communication and data delivery, a professional VA assists clients in their areas of expertise from their own offices on a contractual basis.

Hire one of the finest in the industry: Gale Gallagher.

Not just Transaction Coordination & Document Management: we also offer listing & marketing support

Do you enjoy entering your listings, creating flyers, enhancing virtual tours, and placing property ads? Or would you rather be building new relationships and getting your next client?

Leverage your time with an experienced listing/marketing coordinator who is also a master at transaction coordination: Gale Gallagher, Coordinator Pro.

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Voice: 903-526-0105 | Toll free phone/fax: 800-508-9148
Email: Gale@CoordinatorPro.com