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Photo of house. Gale Gallager, REPA certified by NAR, handles online transaction coordination, document management: Coordinator Pro is a Realtor's right hand.

Online Document Management

Brokers: Go digital! Reduce the paperwork! Let us monitor all your mandatory document requirements.

Do you want someone trustworthy on your team to complete your real estate transaction paperwork quickly, confidently, and completely? Our DocuRoom provides everything a broker needs for Coordinator Pro to collect and organize mandatory transaction documents in digital format.

Celebrate the arrival of a trouble-free way to keep all your real estate documents organized and safe. Following is a synopsis of how we manage your documents and maintain them in a secure environment. Once a real estate transaction is received from your office, we take charge and handle the following:

  • Receive documents via electronic fax
  • Check all docs for contingency dates, initials, signatures and pages
  • Notify agent via email of missing documents, initials, and/or signatures
  • Check documents against broker's list of mandatory docs
  • Upload documents to online Transaction Management (TM) platform
  • Notify Broker or Office Manager of new transaction
  • Send auto-reminder to agent seven days prior to COE
  • Conduct final examination of file to ensure all docs required are in file
  • Notify broker that file is complete and okay to disburse commission
  • At close of escrow, present a transaction summary, zipped document file, checklist of documents collected, and forward all to the broker.

For a modest additional fee Coordinator Pro will extract and upload your listing documents so you have all your documents from listing to closing in one digital file.

Broker benefits of using a document management professional

  • Trade bulky file storage for single CDs
  • Have the ability to check documents online 24/7
  • You don't give up office space
  • You don't buy, upgrade, or maintain document management software
  • You don't need to train someone in your office; instead you have someone online who is available 24/7

Our economical fees will fit your budget and you will have the comfort of knowing your valuable documents are in safe, professional hands.

Additional services, such as transaction coordination and listing and marketing support, can be provided upon request.

If you would like to know more about how document management solutions from Coordinator Pro can change your life for the better, we will be happy to answer your questions...also feel free to ask for a flyer on document management! Contact us right now!

Voice: 903-526-0105 | Toll free phone/fax: 800-508-9148
Email: Gale@CoordinatorPro.com