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Photo of house. Gale Gallager, REPA certified by NAR, handles online transaction coordination, document management: Coordinator Pro is a Realtor's right hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coordinator Pro?

CoordinatorPro is a Real Estate Support company specializing in Transaction Management from listing to closing. The business was founded by Gale Gallagher, who has spent more than 20 years in the Real Estate industry, primarily in back office support. Prior to, and along with, real estate support, she worked in the administrative and business support field. Handling details, multitasking, and organizing an office effectively are second nature.

Check the About page to see Gale's certifications. Visit the Testimonials page to see what others say about her work. Office hours are 9-5, M-F, Central Time. Gale is committed to team building and giving our real estate agents the peace of mind they crave in order to be effective Realtors.

What can a Transaction Coordinator do for me?

A reliable, skilled Transaction Coordinator offers thorough follow-through, satisfied clients, and more time for you to list and sell property. Every detail of your transaction—documents, communications, scheduling—is preserved in an online password-protected file, and all invited parties (with selective permissions) have access to the transaction 24/7.

How Secure is Online Transaction Management?

With access to your private documents, records, processes, concepts, and licenses, we recognize the critical importance of protecting your business information. We never share any of your confidential information with anyone without your express permission, except as required by law. Online transaction management software is SSL protected, which means it provides the maximum security available in an Internet environment.

All transaction data is completely secure, with password access only. And the coordinator, at your direction, chooses who is invited into the transaction. Servers are located in secure locations with a full backup system in place to eliminate downtime and preserve critical information. Data is backed up daily and stored off-site, and there are multiple backup connections to the Internet.

How do I know you're qualified to handle my work?

Certifications, skill, reputation, a good work ethic, and community service make a difference. In 1993, Action Business Support (ABS) was born. Its initial purpose was to provide secretarial services to small businesses. Little did we know this service would evolve considerably to meet the needs of not only small businesses, but local government, university students, the medical community, real estate services, attorneys, insurance companies, and private individuals. We have served the following areas of business and culture:

Real Estate Sales/Development
Economic Development
Family/Estate Law

Oil & Gas

By the time we moved to Virtual Assistance, we had built an outstanding reputation for being trustworthy and well qualified. Lots of great clients through the years helped us grow to the point where we are now: trained to focus on support of agents through real estate transaction management.

Is a contract required to engage your services?

Yes. We have a simple contract which spells out responsibilities for each party. It defines the work we agree to perform for you, and your agreement to pay for the services. It also addresses our promise of confidentiality in all your procedures and communications.

Is there a minimum time commitment in your contract?

No. Our termination clause is very simple, basically a written notice by either party.

What are your fees?

Fees vary based on your required tasks and the state in which you are located. Listing/marketing coordination is charged hourly and Document Management and Transaction Coordination are flat-fee based.

Can you describe the difference between Document Management (DM) and Transaction Coordination (TC)?

Document Management is a service offered to brokers only. We organize and process all mandatory documents for the brokerage. They are uploaded to a secure website with access provided to specific parties. They reside there until the document file is complete, and at closing the file is zipped and forwarded to the agent for permanent storage.

Professional Transaction Coordination can be an expansion of Document Management. Added to Document Management is regular lender and escrow follow-up, monitoring deadlines and keeping agent apprised of transaction status. If TC is used in conjunction with broker's DM, this saves agent approximately half the cost.

Custom Transaction Coordination is much more detailed, encompassing follow-up with all parties in a transaction, as well as greater involvement in the transaction process.

What parts of the country do you service?

We handle all states for Document Management. For Transaction Coordination, we assess needs on a case-by-case basis to determine if yours is a state we can adequately service.

What are the benefits of hiring a Virtual Coordinator?

Let us answer this question with a question: Are you short of office space, equipment, phone lines, etc.? We don't take up space in your office, nor do we use your equipment. We use our own software, Internet connection and phone lines. Not only that, but you don't have payroll taxes, health benefits, or vacation/holidays to pay. No make-busy work when times are slow, no trying to control employee personal phone calls, water cooler conversations, and so on. We work on a time clock and you are billed ONLY for time expended on your behalf.

What's the definition of a Virtual Assistant?

According to The International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA), a non-profit organization dedicated to the professional education and development of members of the Virtual Assistance profession, "A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent entrepreneur providing administrative, creative and/or technical services. Utilizing advanced technological modes of communication and data delivery, a professional VA assists clients in his/her area of expertise from his/her own office on a contractual basis."

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Email: Gale@CoordinatorPro.com