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Photo of house. Gale Gallager, REPA certified by NAR, handles online transaction coordination, document management: Coordinator Pro is a Realtor's right hand.

Listing/Marketing Support

Do you enjoy entering your listings, creating flyers, enhancing virtual tours, and placing your property ads? Or would you rather be building new relationships and getting your next client? Perhaps it's time to hire an experienced listing/marketing coordinator.

The most profitable business model allows you to do what you do best—listing and selling—while a qualified support specialist handles the myriad details that rob your time.

Examples of what we can do to make your day!

  • Input your listing to Multiple List (depending on state regulations). Using your MLS profile sheet, we enter your information and activate the listing following your approval. We can also implement price changes and solds. Add photos, virtual tour links, and documents.

  • Enter your listing information into SettlementRoom or other online transaction platform. This is the repository for every facet of this transaction from listing to closing. Invite Seller, and upload listing and disclosure documents. Establishes a thorough audit trail of all documents and messages. View a demo.

  • Order virtual tour. We order a virtual tour from the company of your choice, order photos, or upload your photos to the tour. Enhance the tour with descriptive text and upload link to MLS and websites.

  • Order magazine advertising. Place ads with ad rep or use online templates to create ad with pictures and text.

  • E-flyers. Using a vendor who arranges the purchase of local MLS email lists, we use their design templates to create an HTML flyer for distribution at an extremely affordable price (not available in all areas).

  • Place virtual tour link in Realtor.com. Enhance Realtor.com listings.

  • Create flyers with pictures and text and place order. View sample.

  • Create Just Listed/Just Sold postcards, send to print, upload mailing lists as appropriate. View sample.

  • Add listings to website/s. Upload pictures and text, add to slide shows if needed. Update websites with price changes and status. Sample website. Then click on Listings.

  • Create intro and thank-you letters to Seller.

Sample task list

Our sample task list details some of the services available to save you time. Coordinator Pro is here to add hours to your day.

We can customize our services to your unique needs. Just give us a call at 903-526-0105 and we can discuss your options. Once we analyze your requirements, we can make recommendations that will provide the most helpful solutions. We're ready to help you stand head and shoulders above your competition.

Voice: 903-526-0105 | Toll free phone/fax: 800-508-9148
Email: Gale@CoordinatorPro.com