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Photo of house. Gale Gallager, REPA certified by NAR, handles online transaction coordination, document management: Coordinator Pro is a Realtor's right hand.


It is our pleasure to recommend certain people, businesses, and organizations that we think might be of interest to you.

  • Fur and Flora
    The perfect place for purchase of your favorite pet and garden products.

  • International Virtual Assistants Association (IVAA)
    A professional association of Virtual Assistants

  • International Real Estate Assistants Association (IREAA)
    A professional association of Virtual Assistants dedicated to support of real estate agents.

  • List2Close Team
    An elite group of listing and transaction coordinators who formed an alliance to provide full transaction management services to real estate agents.

  • Pet and Garden Boutique
    A blog open to anyone interested in posting articles or questions about pets and/or gardens.

  • REVANetwork
    Real Estate Virtual Assistants' Network.

  • SettlementRoom
    Online Transaction Management Software.

  • TransactionPoint
    Online Transaction Management Software.

  • Website Programming and WordPress Blog Setup.
    Have you delayed adding an html form, blog, or survey form because you don't know how to install a CGI Script? If you're in need of quick, professional CGI Script Installation, Jackie McCutcheon can help.

  • WickedWordCraft
    Real Estate Marketing Specialist - WickedWordCraft's writer and marketing consultant, Angela Allen Parker, creates effective, innovative approaches to Internet marketing for real estate agents and brokers. Develop your brand and conquer your market with Writing and Marketing Magic®.

  • Writing, Editing, & Web Development Services.
    Reviews your articles, website text, email letters, or other documents for punctuation, capitalization, consistent style, and usability. Help for businesses, organizations, & individuals by Judy Vorfeld.

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